Sky Blue Lofts – Warm For Winter


We all want to be toasty warm for winter and it’s a known fact that heat rises. However falls in temperature, in attic conversions, can happen. Ineffective heating or a poorly insulated loft will allow heat to escape through your roof. Mould will develop from condensation and your room will start to feel a bit nippy.

Build design considerations

Loft Insulation may be costly, however you will benefit from using the correct materials to keep your new attic space warm. Less money on heating costs is spent and minimal loss of heat is much better for the environment.

Radiators are cost effective and easy to install as they can be used with existing central heating systems. However, an independent system may be required to cope with the increased output of heating.

Underfloor heating is a great way of ensuring new loft conversions are effectively warmed during winter. A slightly more expensive option that is perfect if wall space is at a minimum.

Underfloor heating runs on its own independent system and can be run via an ‘electric’ or ‘wet’ system.

Post build additional heating

Electric portable heaters are great for use in smaller rooms as they are limited to the area they can heat. It is never advisable to leave electric heaters on in an empty room and are also not safe for use around children.

Window coverings are a cheap and effective way to help keep your attic conversion warm. Use thick curtains to retain warmth, and blinds to adjust the amount of light and heat that enters the room.

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