Sky Blue Lofts – Conversion Access Tips

Access to your new attic conversion is one of the most important and complicated aspects to the construction and design stage. A well designed staircase can maximise the functionality of your new room.

You must consider what you will need to be able to take into your newly converted roof space. Will the furniture you require fit, will storage boxes,  drawers etc be easily transported once your room is complete?

Staircase types

Traditional stairs take up the most space, however building regulations stipulate that a bedroom, bathroom, study or playroom conversion must have a permanently fixed staircase in place.

A spiral staircase design can turn into a stunning feature, however is not practical if you will often be taking large or cumbersome items to and from your new conversion.

Building stages

We gain access to your loft space through an opening within your existing roof that we will create during the build and this access will remain in use while most of the construction work takes place. Your new staircase will then be installed from inside your home after all the dusty work is completed from above, this way we cause very little disturbance to your family home.

We source staircases from our local joiner and eliminate creaks and squeaks during installation. We help you decide on the best finish for your staircase so that you maintain your investment.

There are many loft stair designs to choose from and we will help you decide, in most instances we aim to match your existing stairs. From a stylish oak hardwood finish to pine wood, we even install fancy spiral staircases.

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