Examples of plaster-boarding & plastering lofts

Plaster boarding (dry lining) is a task that our skilled carpenters are experts at.

Years of working in lofts and on sites mean that our craftsmen know and understand how to create walls, ceilings, cupboards, room dividers, window reveals and anything you can conjure up from plasterboard and timber.

Plastering lofts

When it comes to the final coat of plaster, we only work with plasterers who are clean, neat, have an eye for detail and are used to working in confined spaces where ‘nooks and crannies’, angles and recesses are everywhere.

When undertaking plaster work our team follow some simple guidelines. We always:

  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Work in a clean environment
  • Mix well
  • Mix often
  • Don’t over polish
  • Clean up afterwards
  • Plaster-boarding & Plastering
    SpecificationElements unique to this loft conversion
    • 1 to 2 Weeks
    • ££
    • The finishing touch
    • Ready for paint, wall paper or tiling
    • Clean tradesmen
    • Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Walk in wardrobes
    • New room dividers
    • Half walls